2019 latest tide hairstyle collection

If you want to have a good-looking medium-length hairstyle, you must master the three key points: hair color, curl and bangs. If you choose one, you can enhance your sense of presence and be fashionable! The position that grows 10-15 cm under the shoulder is the most perfect, as the softness and fluffiness of the air circulation is the key!

This year's gentle and matte hair color continues to be popular! If you feel that the simple chestnut brown is too lacking, it is recommended to choose a low-key "hair bundle highlight" to let the light and shadow between the hair shine through the rich layers, not excessively exaggerated but people have a fashionable temperament that cannot be said, no You can make a gas field pass!

The curl is a fluffy roll that everyone can control, with a little bit of hair flowing, like the curl that just got up and inadvertently pressed, how to loosen how the air is interlaced between the hairline arcs Even when you walk, you can feel the elegant and elegant temperament.
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