Do you dare to “color” a little more? Designer!

Color is the most direct expression of personal preference and taste. Different colors show different charms and have a certain impact on people's emotions and psychology. The color matching in the room is not simply a combination and stacking, but it is in line with the needs of spatial composition, so that there are masters, levels, and harmony in the overall tone.

The warm color gives a warm and soft feeling, which makes people feel comfortable and refreshed. The cool color creates a calm and calm visual effect, even with a melancholy atmosphere, which is in sharp contrast with the strong atmosphere. Black and white ash is a versatile neutral color that can be derived from unlimited combinations.

Color has a certain degree of influence on people’s visual emotions and psychological feelings. By using this magical “color effect”, it is possible to play a delicate balance and optimization effect on the spatial proportion, area, level, temperament, etc., so that the overall space effect is changed.
Do you dare to

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