Hermes orange + light luxury – fashion. Elegant. Modern

Between classic and modern, walking on the fashionable scales, balancing the functionality and fashion aesthetics, it is modern and elegant, combining this natural and beautiful Hermès design with traditional local feelings, adhering to the simple and low-luxury style. It coincides with the charm of Hermes.

The focus of the living room highlights the importance of furniture quality in the space. The orange fur armchair is an element of restlessness in the whole space. The shape is stretched, as if to invite people, and when it is seated, there is another kind of being surrounded by warmth and having its own independent and intimate The experience of small world.

The space is dominated by orange to open the “modern” art journey. The art is decorated with HERMES silk scarves, and the orange painting activates the life of the wall. The chic furniture also reveals the identity and quality of life of the owner. .
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