Light industrial wind private house, refreshing without burden

Standing in a huge enclosed cement jungle, the towering toweringly obscures people's horizons, and the sky, light and green are gradually disappearing into life. Feeling the alienation between man and nature, boldly innovating light industrial design, the space suddenly becomes brighter, the visual refreshing is no burden, and the state of mind changes.

The activity line is free from restraint, and the living room and restaurant are linked together to form a smooth line of sight. The use of special paints to present the original texture of the cement, supplemented by the focus of the wooden texture, under the catalysis of natural light, shaping a fresh light industrial wind.

In contrast to the multi-level contrast between color and lines, the space has a bipolar mood and dialogue, and the light is also transparent. Heaven, earth, and wall, the three are connected, extended, and expanded. In the illusion of infinite enlargement, they also reveal the mystery and mystery of the natural world.
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