Nordic simple color, restore life and true design!

The living room uses geothermal solid wood flooring, which gives a friendly, comfortable and natural feeling, which makes people relax in the whole space. The marble countertops integrate the study as a whole and integrate with the TV table. The light-colored latex paint gives the whole space a visual view. The scope has been expanded to both partition the space and visually integrate it.

The overall bedroom is quiet and comfortable. Dark grey paint is chosen. Some people worry that it is very cold. Adding wood-colored furniture and beige gauze space will make you warm. The bedside background is made of high-grade gray, and the bedding continues the overall color. The bedside decorative painting adopts a contrasting technique. The combination of warm and cold colors makes the air full of calm and quiet.

The log-colored dinette is complemented by a typical Scandinavian chandelier, a light grey wall and a white round clock. Everything looks so harmonious, simple, and natural.
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